MinlO Guide

Upload datasets via MinIO

You can use MinIO to upload large files (over 200MB).

MinIO supports MacOS, Windows OS, and Cyberduck - an object storage client for S3, OSS, and MinIO.

Cyberduck supports various protocols such as FTP, SFTP, S3, and several storage services such as Google Drive and Azure Cloud Storage.

Currently, BasicAI Cloud only supports S3 (Deprecated path style requests) transmission protocol for data uploading.

Install Cyberduck Application

Download Cyberduck from the official website and install it.

Step 1: Connect to BasicAI MinIO Service

In Cyberduck, click Bookmarks, and select S3 (Deprecated path style requests). If there is no such option in the drop-down list, search for this option in More Option.

Refer to the screenshot above to fill in the connection information. Here are things you have to pay attention to:

  • Server: Only fill in the domain name in the middle of the slash, that is, basicai-dataset-tmp-minio-endpoint.basic.ai

  • Paste the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key into the corresponding fields

  • Click Connect to successfully establish a connection.

  • Access Key ID: Fill in the Access Key according to the screenshot.

  • Secret Access Key: Fill in the Secret Key according to the screenshot.

  • Path: Fill in Path according to the screenshot. If it is not found, fill in Access Key.

Step 2: Upload Data to MinIO

After connection, upload the file in the folder corresponding to MinIO

Step 3: Fill in the File Name in the Path

As shown in the example below, the successfully uploaded packaged file in Cyberduck: 00.zip.

The green highlighted Valid Path means that the path and file format meet the requirements Now, click Finish to start uploading.

Note: The folder structure must meet the requirement.