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🚀 All-in-One Smart Data Annotation Platform

BasicAI Cloud, All-in-One Smart Data Annotation Platform

BasicAI Cloud is an All-in-One Smart Data Annotation Platform

👋 BasicAI Cloud is a cloud-based data annotation platform with AI-powered annotation tools and robust collaboration features. It streamlines the entire data labeling workflow, reducing the time and resources required for annotation projects. The platform accelerates your model development by improving data quality and expediting timelines.

BasicAI is designed for individual AI engineers focusing on small-scale model development, and larger data annotation businesses requiring an enterprise-grade scalable solution.

*An on-premises version is also available for organizations with strict data security policies.


Contact us for on-prem deployment or enterprise plan.

Key Benefits

🤖️ Annotate Smarter

  • Annotate 3D sensor fusion, image, video, and audio data with a complete and intuitive toolset.
  • Automate annotation, object tracking, segmentation, and audio transcription with model-powered tools.
  • Inspect and Modify your sensor fusion annotations across data types and viewpoints within 1 interface.
  • Visualize and Manage large datasets and Ontology assets (Super-Class, Sub-Class, and Classification).

👥 Collaborate Smoother

  • Data Annotation Pipeline: Customize your workflow and member roles. Freely allocate data across tasks.
  • Reports: Gain insights from in-depth project status, tasks, and annotator performance analytics.
  • Quality Assurance: Automate your custom Quality Assurance in every stage with configurable rulesets.
  • Dataset Management: Easily organize your data. Integrate data import & export with your cloud storage.

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