Create Projects

🧙‍♂️ At BasicAI, we provide project-creating and management functions for team managers to better manage a large number of tasks.

Create a Project

If you need to create a new Project to perform corresponding management operations, please refer to the following descriptions.

Step 1: Click Project in the left navigation bar of the platform, and then click Create a project.

Step 2: Enter the project name and select the data type. The data type is divided into LiDAR Fusion, Image, Audio & Video, and Text. If you need to fill in the description, you can do so in the Description text box. After filling in, click Create.

Bind Tasks to a Project

After creating a new project, tasks need to be filled in. There are two ways to bind tasks to the project:

  1. Under the Tasks tab of the project details page, click + Create, and the page will automatically jump to the Create Task page, and the new task will be automatically bound to the project. After the task is created and configured, it belongs to the project.

  1. On the Task page, click Team Task Management, select the existing task, click Link To Project on the toolbar below, select a project and click OK.



The data type of the Project needs to be consistent with the data type of the Task in order to bind them together successfully.

What’s Next

After creating a project and binding tasks, the next step is to manage the project. Please refer to our following guide for project management.