Release Notes 1.1.0


Supporting Generative AI Annotation, Viewing and Restoring History Versions

released on June 12, 2024


  1. Added Generative AI Annotation, including RLHF Dialogue Evaluation and SFT Dialogue Response annotation.
    1. Supported Generative AI Datasets, enabling the upload of Generative AI data
    2. Supported Generative AI Ontology
    3. Added Generative AI Tools
    4. Supported Generative AI Tasks
    5. Supported Generative AI Performance
    6. Supported Generative AI Projects
    7. Supported Generative AI Team Comments

  2. Optimized Data Upload & Export progress bar display.
    1. Adjusted the original single progress bar to a multi-stage progress bar with segmented stages
    2. Supported hovering on each stage to view the stage name and durations for completing
    3. Added status icons above or beside the progress bar, including "Processing" and "Nth in the queue"
    4. Supported hovering to view failed reasons if failed


  1. Added Generative AI annotation tools including Dialogue Evaluation and Dialogue Response.
  2. Supported the use of number hotkeys from 0 to 9 on the keyboard to switch among attributes.
  3. Supported to View and Restore History Versions on the tool page.
    1. Added History entrance on the top right corner of the tool page
    2. Supported viewing history versions
    3. Supported restoring selected history version
    4. Added History Access Permissions role-control option in Task-Setting