Release Notes 0.12.9


Supporting for 4D BEV Annotation

released on January 23, 2024


  1. Optimized sampling accuracy and miss rate, including breakdown and summary by class, and group results optional participation in accuracy and performance calculations.
  2. Added 4D BEV point cloud annotation.
  3. Optimized skeleton creation.
  4. Added support for customizing rectangle names, searching for duplication in the ontology tab, improved TO-DO display, and search functionality in the task name dropdown.
  5. Default deduplication of newly created class colors.
  6. Improved Task Stage display.
  7. Enhanced image optimization and added Task-data Excel search support for ID and name.
  8. Added support for custom class numbering.


  1. Added 4D BEV point cloud annotation.
  2. Added attribute inheritance (applies to all tools).
  3. Added support for customizing rectangle guideline names.
  4. Added group tracking support.
  5. Optimized skeleton creation.
  6. Added the ability to share edges among points in constrained polygons.
  7. Comments now include class ID (applies to all tools).
  8. Separated control of the visibility of skeleton results and individual point attributes/labels.
  9. Added customization of colors for custom drawings and results without a class.
  10. Stopped previous identical API requests when initiating data query filters.

Technical Enhancements:

  1. Converted some class restrictions from arrays to object format.
  2. Merged LiDAR basic and LiDAR fusion.