Release Notes 0.12.8


Main, Tools, Technical Enhancements

released on January 04, 2024


  1. Dropdown menus now support search functionality.
  2. Customizable comment configurations are now available.
  3. Improved sampling and acceptance process.
  4. Default values can be set for attribute settings.
  5. Enhanced logic for handling duplicate names during frame shuffling.
  6. Chinese encoding detection in compressed files to avoid garbled characters.


  1. Shortcut 2 and ๐Ÿ–ฑright-click support for Skeleton Attribute Configuration.
  2. Default values can be set for attribute settings (all tools).
  3. Optimized sampling and acceptance process (all tools).
  4. Empty groups are now automatically deleted (all tools).
  5. Improved handling of image frame series (image tool).

Technical Enhancements:

  1. Task details for workers and partners are now separated from the main interface.