Release Notes 0.11

released on September 15, 2023



  • Performance query and export now support Project and Team parameters, with the addition of Shared Tasks mode.
  • Task lists now include fields like Admins and Assign To, with support for custom headers and sorting, and improved search functionality.
  • Project management, including creation, editing, dissolution, deletion, listing, and searching.
  • Project details, mainly focusing on statistical data calculation within the overview.
  • Partners management, including inviting, accepting, displaying, etc.
  • Data sets now support uploading individual videos and frame extraction.

Image tool

  • Skeleton Class now supports line colors and directions.
  • Integrated shortcut key functions.
  • Skeleton annotation now supports line colors and directions.
  • Sharing edges for polyline annotation.

Lidar tool

  • Lidar Class attributes are categorized by modality, with corresponding adjustments to quality inspection logic.



  • Moved "view instruction" in the Config section of Quality Inspection Rules to the outside.
  • Performance data now includes Worker Team ID.
  • Tasks are still visible on the performance page after logical deletion, and data set deletion now logically deletes related Tasks.
  • Task creation process modifications, including Project binding, batch creation, external Vendor support.
  • Task Claim Size and Duration have been moved to the Stage level.
  • Shared Tasks management, including acceptance, temporary storage, rejection, listing, etc.
  • Shared Task details, including overview, Data, QA, Settings, etc.
  • Adjusted notification messages, including messages related to Task batch creation, Task sharing, Vendor rejections and acceptances, Partner invitations, etc.
  • Adjusted functional permissions, with the addition of Shared Task and Partners permissions.
  • Shared Task data permissions.
  • Distinguishes between image and point cloud comments for fusion and calculates performance separately.

Image tool

  • Review mode displays key-points in the result.
  • Disable certain other operations during the drawing process.
  • Three new display modes for annotation results and point attribute overlays.
  • Automatically selects results with the same tracking ID when splitting frames.
  • Task flows only display corresponding tools configured with classes.

Point Cloud Tool

  • Class attribute values categorized by modality.
  • Task flows only display corresponding tools configured with classes.