Release Notes 0.10.1

Released August 25, 2023

The latest version v0.10.1 of Beisai Cloud has launched a new pixel-level image segmentation mode, automatic segmentation of combined models, and LaTeX expression tools.


  • Added brush mode on image segmentation tool. It can be better combined with the AI preprocessing model, because after running the model, the brush can adjust the subtle position at the pixel level if there may be inaccuracies.
  • Add model-based automatic segmentation function.
  • Add LaTeX input and validation feature. LaTeX is a typesetting system that can generate complex tables and mathematical formulas through keyboard input, so it is very suitable for generating high-quality technical and mathematical and physical documents.
  • Added circle and ellipse tools in image annotation tool.


  • Image segmentation tool: label card design, result list, timeline and shortcut keys.
  • Image segmentation quality inspection, toolbar, image segmentation performance (completion performance, submission performance, summary performance).
    Optimized shared edge function.
    Optimized Result point label deletion.
    Optimized automatically save.
    Optimized dataset data export.