Release Notes 0.10.0

Released August 4, 2023


  • Data Import and Export
    • Cloud Storage Integration

      Supports cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon S3, and Dropbox.
      New data import page UI.
      Use created cloud storage to select files and upload data.
  • Image Tool
    • Supports BMP, Tiff, and Webp formats.
    • Data compression format now supports RAR format.
    • Import/export now supports common and custom format conversions, including KITTI, COCO, PASCAL VOC, YOLO, etc.
    • Supports viewing data export history.
    • New data export UI page where users can customize export name and format.
    • Added seamless data uploading capability. Users can initiate data uploads on a website and experience uninterrupted progress.
    • Supports custom import and export scripts.
  • Ontology
    • Added Copy function for ontology classes, allowing direct copying of labels and all class information.
    • Added Copy Many function for ontology classes, enabling batch copying of a class into multiple instances.
  • Task-Flow
    • Added progress and data status indicators.
    • Task overview now displays the proportion of each stage of progress.
    • Team task management/My task management also displays progress proportions.
    • Task-data supports joint filtering of workflow stage and data status.
    • Added operation history.
  • Point Cloud Tool
    • Distinguished boundary between modify and review modes; provides option to quit modify and return to view mode.
    • Added a pop-up window to confirm continuing claims.
    • Reject/Pass cancel buttons for drop-down menu; reject/pass and exit function added.
    • Single-frame task of the image point cloud tool now preloads 10 jobs before and after.
    • Disabling data flow, frame switching tools, etc., during drawing interrupts newly created operations; prompts that current result is not complete.
    • Suspended operations now displayed in breathing light mode.
    • Modified workflow in fifth link of task configuration to settings and added basic configuration.
    • Point cloud fusion now supports adding comments to images.
  • Image Tool
    • Optimized shared-edge function.
      • Now supports sharing edges of polylines and polygons by points.


  • Results in tasks are now automatically saved every 1 minute.