Release Notes 0.9.0

Released June 29, 2023


  • New UI, new user experience.
  • Added quality inspection function.
    1. Real-time quality inspection:
      Real-time quality inspection rules can be configured in datasets or tasks, enabling real-time judgment of data's compliance with labeling requirements during labeling.
    2. Batch quality inspection: Perform full quality inspection on data that passes quality check jobs in datasets and tasks.
    3. Error results can be filtered and further processed based on quality inspection rules.
    4. Need to customize quality inspection rules? Please contact us.
  • Added rejected status for operation subdivision.


  • Changed exported data format.
  • Added data statistics to the dataset dashboard.
  • Point cloud tool:
    1. Added point cloud lane annotation feature.
    • Supports point cloud and image fusion polyline annotation feature.
    • Supports point cloud and polygon fusion polygon annotation feature.
    1. Optimized cloud mapping option.
    2. Point cloud fusion segmentation now supports polygon annotation.
    3. Added camera parameters configuration tool for point cloud fusion dataset.
    4. Added point cloud target detection trajectory feature.
    5. Added point cloud model detection distance configuration.


  • Fixed the 'Select all' button bug.